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What are consultant interpreters?

They are professional conference interpreters who will assist you in organising the interpretation service for your conference. They will help you determine your requirements and will know where to recruit the best qualified interpreters for your specific needs.

The AIIC Consultant Interpreter can:

    • Determine the number of interpreters you will need in accordance with the working languages and the program of your conference
    • Assess the various interpreting options for your meeting and suggest the optimal solution
    • Prepare a free detailed quotation
    • Select interpreters with the requisite languages and expertise (i.e. medical, legal, financial)
    • Draw up contracts between the organiser and the interpreters
    • Distribute working documents that you will have passed on for preparation
    • Act as the liaison between organisers, speakers, chairman of the meeting and the team of interpreters, before and during the meeting
    • Offer advice on the technical equipment that is needed for your meeting

Please contact our Regional Consultant Interpreters who will be happy to help you.